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Introducing the V2ID

The foundation you need to start with in order to build winning strategies from data-driven business decisions is a universal ID. With the V2ID, Spheric Analytics takes the guesswork out of linking Product IDs to Store IDs. We’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve also normalized studio and retailer specific attributes such as Ratings and Genre to provide a uniform view of the market. Now you compare your titles across sales channels; evaluate how they are performing; and discover merchandising opportunities all in the same application.


Actionable Insights

Our cloud-based platform ingests your Avails, product catalog, and retailer inventory to provide deep insights on compliance, pricing, penetration, and promotion. Find opportunities to distribute localized products. Differentiate your assortment by knowing which genres are under-served in specific stores. Know where to distribute digital titles based on international box office sales.

These actionable insights and many more are available in Spheric Analytics, designed to help you compare to the competition and make smarter, faster retail decisions.


Easy Tracking

Spheric Analytics delivers market intelligence tools and analytics that guide you to seeing patterns and trends that illuminate a clear path to optimized title distribution, assortment, and pricing. By linking sales data, you can also easily track the outcome of your marketing activities and investments. The end result? A market-driven offering that delivers more insights, more customers, and more revenue.


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