V2 Metadata: Unlocking Asset Value

•  Robust data for simple syndication
•  ID matching to track titles globally
•  Adapters for easy data exchange





Putting Metadata to Work

V2 works with leading content providers, distributors, and retailers to easily manage the flow and exchange of title metadata, accelerating time-to-market and reducing handling costs. As media domain experts, we work collaboratively with industry organizations around the world to define and implement standards around metadata and asset tracking. We bring together technologists, data scientists, and content editors to deploy a skillful balance of machine algorithms and human intelligence--providing accurate metadata services, tools, and analytics that give you an advantage.



Our metadata cleansing services will help you improve the quality and accuracy of your master catalog to avoid product data inconsistencies from one sales channel to another. We help you store your product data in a clear, consistent format, eliminating the painstaking use of spreadsheets while enabling easy mapping of your metadata to retailers’ specifications. Our title database and automated matching tools easily map product IDs to retailer IDs, providing a comprehensive view of your titles in market. Whether you're a content provider or retailer, we can create custom adapters to facilitate seamless publishing and ingestion of title metadata.

Metadata - MB Graphic

Metadata Licensing

If your metadata is incomplete or in need of enhanced attributes, use our golden record from a repository of over 3 million film and television titles in over 40 languages. We offer storage, publish, and subscribe services of digital titles for distribution to online retailers worldwide.

But the data itself is only the beginning. Coupled with our global M&E enterprise application – Spheric –metadata becomes as powerful for compliance and analytics, as it is for merchandising and promotion.

Ready To Learn More?

We’re always ready to talk metadata. Whether you’re just getting started with original content or looking to expand the effectiveness of your current catalog, we’d love to hear from you.