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V2 issues more certified local ratings annually than all other providers combined

For nearly ten years, V2 has been rating film and television titles for audience suitability, processing thousands of titles annually for distribution worldwide. We screen content in-house, while also leveraging global relationships to apply directly to local boards for issuance of ratings. We carefully track each country’s local classification standards and governance policies to fully interpret and apply their respective rubrics without issue.


Ratings at Scale

To help consumers make informed decisions about content suitable for their families, titles are classified and rated based on a keen understanding of local cultures and sensitivities. Sex, violence, and racism are just some of the topics evaluated in classifying content, for which tolerance differs greatly across regions.

Rating classifications also vary widely: some move in increments of 2 years, providing ratings for children ages 12, 14, 16, and 18. While others publish only two ratings – one for the General Audience and another for Adults Only.

This lack of global ratings standards around the world has created an enormous industry challenge for Media & Entertainment companies. Content providers and retailers must adhere to the classifications and policies for each country, risking swift action from censorship boards if they make even slight mistakes.

Reduced Cost, Lower Risk

With V2’s RatingsPro, you receive all of the reward with none of the risk. We supply locally-compliant ratings with symmetrical classification across all titles. We deliver not only the rating, but also the rating label for presentation and a verified certificate. We act as the source of truth for title ratings and ensure that all retailers display the same rating, thus, removing ambiguity in the buying process for consumers.

V2’s ratings service results in lower cost; reduced legal exposure and risk; and happy, informed consumers.

Film Label Certificate - Series

Ready For More?

We’d love the chance to answer any questions you may have about local ratings or any of our localization services .

Look for V2 speaking on related topics at industry events, or request a demo today!

Film Label Certificate - Series

Ready For More?

We’d love the chance to answer any questions you might have about our localition services and V2 certified content ratings.

Look for V2 speaking on related topic at industry events, or request a demo today!